The Band

Red Rubber Band has been a dynamic coalition of friends coming together and making great music for more than a decade. With the release of their self titled CD in 2004 began to draw loyal fans to shows throughout the Portland area. In 2006 Chris Congdon found himself mixing the lineup of this rag tag group of jammers more often and navigated the band towards a more free flowing asthetic reminicent of the Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band and moe. As 2007 arrived the core group of players included Lee Taylor on Sax/flute, Glen Anderson on Violin, John Farrell on Percussion, Doug vanBuskirk on Drums, Tom Moore on Bass, and Chris Congdon anchoring the vocals and guitar. Their newest release "Life's Like That" demonstrates the evolution of style dubbed "Jam Fusion" that has become the hallmark sound of the live shows. The Red Rubber Band continues to be a warm welcoming experience bringing friends together to share great music. As 2009 rises Ocean Riggs will be joining us on lead guitar.